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Prompt 88: School


Title: School

Author: Fireness

Beta: None

Characters (Pairings):  Reid and Morgan, mention of Mrs. Reid and OC (R/M)

Rating: FRT

Warning(s): Slash (implied), words that should never be spoken by Dr. Spencer Reid.

Spoilers: None (unless you count Diana's profession, if I even got it right.  Too lazy to verify)

Summary: “Your mom’s a smart lady.”

Word Count: 387

Author’s Notes: I started with the prompt "school" and just let it take me where it would.  I apologize XD  It was almost Gen, I swear, but then at the end, I just couldn't help myself.  And I've been awake since 4 this morning.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize.  My alterego, on the other hand.....doesn't either.  Damnit.

Prompt 88: School (Reid/Morgan)


“You know for a while, I considered becoming a teacher.”




“Yeah, but my mom said I should be out in the world doing things, not stuck in a classroom like she was.”


“She like teaching?”


“She loved it.  But she kept repeating that old saying ‘those who can, do; those who can’t, teach,’ and saying that I can, therefore I should.”


“Your mom’s a smart lady.”


“I dunno.  Sometimes I think I’m more cut out for teaching or something like that.  Or, I don’t know, becoming a therapist or something.”


“Well, I for one am glad that you decided to go with the FBI in the end.”




“What would you have taught?”


Long fingers fidgeting, tapping, dancing to a rhythmless beat.  “Physics, probably.  Maybe psychology.  Or literature, like my mom…. Or maybe all three?”  A mirthless chuckle.  “I have no idea.


“I can’t imagine you as a teacher, to be honest.”


“Me neither.  I’m no good with children.”


“So, no little Reids running around in your future?”


“Not unless the sperm bank – Hey!  These are my good pants!  You mind not spitting coffee all over them?”


“Did you seriously…?”


“No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous!”


“Just making sure.  Jeez, you nearly gave me a heart attack.”


“Is it that scary an idea?”


“No way, man.  This world could use a few more geniuses to outweigh all the idiots and psychos we got runnin’ around.  I just…the words ‘sperm bank’ coming out of your mouth with out being connected to a case in some way is just a little…unexpected.  Kinda like the first time I heard my sister use the word ‘dildo.’”


“Okay, surely it’s not that bad.”


“Well, maybe not that bad, but very close.”


“Now, if I were to start talking about dildos, on the other hand-”






“We’re here.  At the school.  Remember the teacher we’re supposed to be interviewing?”


“’Course I do.  What about it?”


“Just…let me do the talking, okay?  And if you so much as whisper the word dildo in front of the kiddies, I’ll-”


“Spank me?”





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Feb. 12th, 2008 06:25 am (UTC)
God help me, I heart that naughty!Reid. And OMG, Reid and kids? Is like a ray of happiness shining directly on my bizarre affinity for reading about my favorite male characters dealing with kids. Of course, in Reid's case having to deal with kids would likely end in tears -- for him. Poor baby. :D
Feb. 12th, 2008 02:17 pm (UTC)
If you haven't already, you should read some of [Bad username: pretty_chemistry]'s stuff. She writes the best naughty!Reid
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