fireness (fireness) wrote,

FMA ch 102

Now that this series is headed for its big climax, I find myself hooked on it again. :D Although I still feel that Riza being rescued by Mei-chan was a cop-out, this chapter was made of total love for Roy. He is blind!! I totally saw that coming! Lol. But the whole thing with Al's body blew my mind. He's leaving behind his body so that he can fight with the others, but his return may actually bring more peril than good?? How fantastic is that? The whole time, I was like, "Oh Al, you're never going to get another chance to reclaim your body, idiot! New prediction: Al does not survive to the end of the series. Ed has to because Ed has to go back to Winry, lol. Roy and Riza will definitely survive, now that Arakawa has had a chance to kill both of them off and has not (well, Roy still has a chance to die, but I don't think he will; he has to survive to not be able to see the future of the country, if that makes any sense. And Riza will be his eyes :D ). Actually, at this point I am just about positive no romance will develop between Roy and Riza....but I canNOT wait to see her reaction to Roy's condition. Ed was just priceless, hovering over Colonel Bastard. So much concern - if only I shipped them! I did find it peculiar, however, that Mei-chan was the only one who made it into the baddies' lair. I'm sure there is a reason for it, but it upset me just a little....though the way that chimaera guy was holding onto Riza, I'm pretty sure I have a new crack!pairing :D :D :D

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter! I will be back home when it comes out, probably dog-sitting, so I will have the entire house to myself for my squeerific reactions :D

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