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CM - 5x10

I can't believe I didn't know there was a new Criminal Minds this last week! Okay, I'm never a fan of a Hotch storyline, not gonna lie. I skipped a lot of what was happening with him, though I am unsurprised that he rejected the retirement offer. Whatev. It was an interesting plot, but I think this show - sadly - is winding down....they're running out of new, original plots, hence the long, drawn-out story with Foyette. I love this show, but it sometimes feels like it is the same plot over and over again but with different twists. Also, I'm thoroughly sick of Reid gimping around. I love him to death, but that cane just makes me laugh. What else...oh, when Garcia was typing those women's names into her search engine at the end.... I'm sorry, but how the hell did she know how to spell "Kiegan" and "Ketelsen"? I never would have guessed those spellings; in fact I once knew a Kiegan, but she spelled it Keagan instead. I mean, wtf? Okay, okay, Hollywood. Whatever. But Prentiss going ballistic on that guy's ass....and Morgan LETTING her??? So totally made of win in a breath-takingly uncomfortable moment. I kept wondering when Morgan was going to step in and tell her to calm down, but he didn't. And I kinda like that because it goes with Morgan's character better. Hotch is the sort who would step in, but not Morgan. And I love Emily's fieriness and the way she stands up for the female victims. She has the potential to get lost in this job, not unlike what Elle did, only Emily's never been shot and had a message painted on the wall in her own blood....though it may happen, the way this show goes through drama. Reid's had his big deal, Garcia had hers, Hotch has had his, Gideon and Elle both did as well...who's next? I remember when this show used to make me laugh at the same time it made me cringe....there hasn't been much of that since Foyette. I miss the team banter, especially between Reid and Morgan. Although, Garcia was shockingly upbeat considering she just came from a funeral. =\

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, I canNOT wait for TBBT on Monday!! OMFG @ Leonard's mom kissing Sheldon. It promises to be EPIC. I mean, it totally looks awakward, the way she smashes their lips together, and I'm sure it's some 'experiment' on the mother's part, but HOMIGAWD, I'm so excited. I hope this show blows my mind the way the preview did. I watched it five times in a row, it was THAT FUCKING AWESOME. TBBT, don't disappoint me!

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