fireness (fireness) wrote,

Sherlock Holmes

Okay, I really don't know what to say that hasn't already been said by dozens of fans before me.  The plot was so-so, but the chemistry between Watson and Holmes more than made up for it.  So much subtle innuendo that could be taken as perfectly platonic, or for those of us with perverted minds, could totally mean they're secret lovers :D  Holmes' "don't get excited" as he grabs Watson's belt (implying a great familiarity between the two men, more so than 'just friends'), or Watson's 'old cock' pet name (and Holmes' responding 'mother hen') were soooo made of win. The plotlines dealing with the two men's respective romantic interests were decently put together.  I love that Holmes analyzed Mary, and then Mary acknowledged that Holmes care just as much about Watson as she does.  Hopefully the sequel (because you know it's coming) will have a better plot now that the characters are established.  I did kind of like that the movie started in media res, so that a person who knows the story of the original Sherlock Holmes would know what is happening immediately, while others can eventually figure it out, though they may at first have a moment of "what's going on??" (even I had a few of those moments).  Entertaining movie, one I'll definitely want to own, but not one I'll watch repeatedly. 
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